Ville Hermanni Valo (valo) wrote in must_be_stoners,
Ville Hermanni Valo

I meant to do an update around here... but then I got high.

Actually, why is Mr. Footsmoker, mige_amour not in the community? When we were little, he taught me how to roll; when we were a little older, he taught me where to buy stuff, and then we kind of had a badly-run business together. Basically, we bought hash and grass that we meant to re-sell with huge profit, but we ended up smoking way too much of it ourselves, and then we stood around at the flea markets in Kallio and played bongos to get a little money from Japanese tourists, in order to buy more hash and grass that we meant to re-sell, but that we smoked up all by ourselves, so we had to play the bongos again because we were broke. Good times.
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